Hi there. My name is Petar. I live in Melbourne (Australia) with my wife and two children. By day, I work as a software developer but in my free time, I really enjoy gardening. That includes growing fruit and vegetables, propagating plants from seed, cuttings, grafting, etc. and general pottering around the house.

As we moved into our new home last year (2010), one major task on the to-do list was setting up the vegetable patch. Originally, we thought we’d build standard raised beds, but after watching a great episode on Costa’s Garden Odyssey about wicking beds, we decided to try something out of the ordinary.

We found a wealth of information about wicking beds on the Internet and the more we read, the more motivated we became.

Recently, we built 6 raised beds in our backyard, and slowly but surely, we’ve been setting them up as wicking beds.

We learned about this technique thanks to others who’ve shared their knowledge and experience. In the same way, we wanted to share our experiences and hence the creation of this blog.

We hope you find this information useful, and hopefully you too can give wicking beds a go in your backyard.

Happy gardening!

Petar & Tetyana

Contact information

Email: pkozul@yahoo.com

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